A Brief History of the Association of Main Campus Retired Faculty (AMCRF)

AMCRF owes its origins to the initiative of Provost Dorothy Brown in the spring of 2001, and to the preliminary research of retired Professor Keith Fort and Carolyn Nocella (then Director of Academic Personnel).  Since the research revealed a wide variety of retired faculty associations throughout the country, Provost Brown suggested that Georgetown start out with the relatively small and homogeneous group of main campus faculty.  Expansion of membership to the medical and law school faculties could follow after the main campus group became operational.

Formal organization of AMCRF began in the fall semester of 2001.  Under the chairmanship of Professor Keith Fort, an ad hoc constitutional committee drafted a constitution which was approved by the Provost in April 2002.  The first slate of officers to form the Executive Committee was elected in the same month for one-year terms: Keith Fort, President; James Lambert, Vice-President and President Elect; Joseph Jeffs, Secretary; and Valerie Earle, Treasurer.  In subsequent meetings, dues were set at $10 per year and constitutional changes led to two-year terms for officers as well as the addition to the Executive Committee (now called the Executive Council) of immediate past officers and chairpersons of standing committees. The revised constitution was approved at a general meeting of the Association held on April 24, 2004.

At an Association meeting held on April 28, 2006, the membership decided, after discussion, to invite members of two additional groups to participate in Association activities. One group consists of senior executives, deans, and other administrators, who had worked closely with students and faculty: the second group includes spouses of deceased members of the Association. After nomination by members of the Association, and approval by the Executive Council, individuals belonging to these groups are invited to become associate members in the Association.

Initially, two social events were held per semester.  There have been lunches hosted by the President of the University, the Provost, and the Rector of the Jesuit Community. Administrators have discussed policy developments. Professor Jeane Kirkpatrick lectured on world politics and Professor Clifford Chieffo on modern art. Professor Donn Murphy led a “behind the Scenes” tour of the National Theater that was followed by a musical presentation by local high school students in the Theater’s Helen Hays Gallery.  In February 2005, there was a guided tour of the new Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia.  During 2005-2006, the Association visited the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Alexandria, toured the new Royden B. Davis Performing Arts Center at Georgetown, and attended a performance there. A tour of the renovated Museum of American Art occurred in Fall, 2006. Usually, participants meet for a Dutch-treat luncheon at a local restaurant after these events. 

The AMCRF is centrally involved in the operation of the Georgetown Learning Community, a program of non-credit courses which began in 2005-2006, offered during the academic year with the cooperation of the School for Summer and Continuing Education.  AMCRF is a constituent member of the Association of Retired Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE).


Compiled in March 2005 by Jim Lambert,
revised by Joe Earley in August 2006.